CBD Skincare Kit (Bundle)



The Elite Wellness CBD Skincare Kit consists of two products, our

  • CBD Under Eye Cream and the…
  • Elite CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter.


  1. The CBD Under Eye Cream – so soothing, hydrating, and it helps with fine lines. Anti-inflammatory CBD protects and revitalizes your under-eye area.
  2. Elite CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter perfectly combines simple, gentle yet powerful ingredients found only in our CBD Ultra Moisturizer Body Butter that offers you deep, long-lasting moisture to help calm & nourish your skin. Leaving you in blissful peace of mind. A soft butter-like feel melts away in the hands and spreads easily over the skin.

View the laboratory Certificate of Analysis for the CBD Under Eye Cream.

To view the laboratory Certificate of Analysis for the CBD Ultra Moisturizing Cream.


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